Dr Vicky Prokopiou helps Dentists and their teams to focus on their strengths, communicate effectively, grow their loyal patients, and to attain excellent patient care by being consistent and assertive.

Hi, I'm Dr Vicky

Above It has been created with a central focus on dentists and dental teams.


I am a Dentist and a Pharmacist and have been working in health for over two decades. I am also a mum of three beautiful children and have recently opened my third dental practice, iDental Surgery.


I know your struggles as a clinician and I am here to guide you through the many challenges that I also faced. I am up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in dentistry and you can apply my online courses to your daily practice, today!


I have a natural ability to be my genuine self and win people’s trust. I can show you how you can be the dentist that everyone just needs to book in and see.


Not everyone is a people person, but you can learn how to harness your abilities and make them work in your favour.


Let me show you how to have the confidence to build trusting relationships with your clients, patients and your dental team.


The key to a successful dental career is to be self-aware, assertive, attentive, and to want to constantly grow as an individual and a dental practitioner.


I offer exclusive online courses throughout the year. Places are limited so do not miss out! Once you are enrolled, you will have lifetime access to the wealth of experience and knowledge that I can provide you with.

What Dr Vicky Does Best

Dr Vicky Prokopiou knows the challenges faced by dentists and dental teams and can help you be the dentist that everyone flocks to see.

Dentistry is a high-performance environment where a dentist must not only lead a team but also perform micro-surgeries on the mouth and teeth. Combined with the pressures of attaining and maintaining consistent exceptional customer service skills, dentists can feel exhausted and unable to switch off. This then leads to burnout.

Dr Vicky helps Dentists grow within themselves, to recognise their areas of growth and become a dentist who is very attentive and responsive to their client/patient needs. This comes naturally to some individuals, while others must consciously work at it to perfect their delivery and chairside manner. Customer service is king! Join Dr Vicky on various journeys, including the unique popular online course, “The Attentive Dentist”.

Dr Vicky is a believer that if a clinician is attentive to the client/patient and their team, both relationships will flourish. Attention to detail leads to patient retention and repeat treatments.

She uses her warm, expressive and stylish personality to communicate in a relatable and engaging way. Her emotional and intuitive intelligence gives you a powerful personal journey. She offers guidance through her insights and experience as a practice owner and clinician. You too can make the way that you present yourself and how you practice dentistry a success.

Learn to perfect how you lead your team, communicate effectively with your clients and consistently perform at your best. Nurture your relationships and see them grow. Be the dentist that you know you can be. Master your craft. Balance Your Life.

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Courses For You

Be the ideal dentist that you know you can be.

Learn to perfect how you lead your team, communicate effectively with your clients and perform at your best. You too can make the way that you present yourself and how you practice dentistry a success.

Discover our bespoke courses and keep up to date with dentistry at Above It. Our online courses are all about making sustainable changes that nurture your needs as a practitioner and individual.

Find out about and enroll in our courses. Learn about yourself, your attributes, overcoming the challenges in the world of dentistry, effective communication styles, the importance of attention to detail, ownership, and leadership. Master your craft. Balance Your Life.

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Change your future by enrolling in our career-changing courses. Embrace your work family and be a part of our growing network of like-minded dentists. Reignite your purpose and your approach to dentistry.

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