Master your craft.
Balance your life.

Hello. I am Dr Vicky Prokopiou, and I am the wealth of experience behind Above it.

I know the struggles of dentistry all too well. Having been in the health industry for over 20 years I have mastered communication with patients, general dentistry and team management. “Above it” encompasses my passion for wellness and success in Dentistry.

You may be working within a business, be an aspiring business owner or a health professional who is struggling with certain aspects of dentistry. You feel stuck, uninspired, burnt out, and are seeking to achieve more satisfaction, consistency, or success in your dental career. I will direct you through the various steps of regaining control of your career by telling you what I know.

Be assertive, attentive and perform at your best!

Reach me via our social platforms and I will comment back. I'd love to chat with you.

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About Dr. Vicky

I grew up in a bilingual household full of culture and with lots of family members always around. I remember my childhood vividly. My migrant parents worked hard to instil their values of education and hard work in me. Through their hard work, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn ballet/tap/jazz, play the piano and trumpet, go on a European music tour and learn the Greek language, culture, and folk dancing.

Most importantly I was also shown that life is about balance and so I fell in love with hobbies such as music, art, and beach fishing from a very young age. My love for yoga, pilates and barre has grown exponentially since having children.

I am a hospital pharmacy graduate with many years of community pharmacy experience. Communication, customer service and patient experience come naturally to me.

Since graduating from Dentistry in 2010 I have owned and operated metro and rural dental practices, all Accredited. I have had experience working for big and small businesses, under various employers, and have started three successful practices from scratch.

My last business thrived through 5 years of drought in a town six and a half hours drive from Sydney with 3000 residents. During that time I married, underwent IVF and conceived my three gorgeous children.

I currently run a successful boutique dental practice, iDental Surgery in Newtown with an amazing growing team. We follow our customised “Above It” Online Training Course and have found this learning platform to be a game-changer for smooth practice operations.

I firmly believe that growth can only happen when you are self-aware and have a positive forward-thinking mindset. Keep ahead of your colleagues and see how our courses can help you and your practice.

Get Above It

Above it will empower you by giving you the skills that you need to be an attentive, assertive and likeable health professional. Gain control of how you practice dentistry by looking inside yourself and harnessing the skills within you.

With your wellness in mind, you can work on key areas that make dental practices successful. It was not until I took one year off from running a dental practice that I had the mental freedom to re-evaluate my priorities and realise that I had the power to change my present and future. You can do that with Above It.

With change comes opportunity and the strength to rise above anything. Lead with your strengths and breathe balance into your work-life.

Over the last 10 years, I have owned and run my own Dental practice, three in fact. My first practice was a steep learning curve where I faced a world of new challenges. It was all work and no living. I then moved rurally for over five years and physically worked the hardest that I have ever worked in my whole life. It was tough but I rose Above it.

Learn to identify and manage the draining demands of our profession and win over the people around you.

Master your craft. Balance your life.


Dr. Vicky's Qualifications include

Bachelor of Pharmacy (syd)
Bachelor of Dentistry (syd)
Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner Course
Certified Mindfulness Life Coach