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Immerse yourself in an interactive day filled with personal life strategy, leadership, and career growth alongside leading health professionals like you. Unleash the power of the elements and transform the way you practice and how you live. ​ Dr Vicky Prokopiou will be unveiling her secrets to creating, growing, and sustaining success in the business of healthcare. Are you ready to have some fun?

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A Personal Message from Dr Vicky Prokopiou

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my insights and experiences with you at the IN YOUR ELEMENT™ Experience. Having navigated the challenges of burnout and the delicate balance of family, business, and leadership, I understand the complexities that healthcare professionals face daily. My goal is to equip you with the tools, strategies, and wisdom that have helped me thrive in these demanding roles. Together, we will explore innovative ways to enhance your professional skills, boost your personal well-being, and find that harmonious balance in your life. This experience is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a journey towards a more fulfilled and empowered you. I am excited to be a part of your transformative journey and can't wait to see the incredible progress you'll make. See you soon!

Dr Vicky x

How This Experience is Unique

Ignites your journey in leadership and self-discovery, offering strategies to manage stress and anxiety, confront fears, and align your passions with professional goals, all aimed at empowering your career and life beyond work and career.

The grounding foundation for a transformative mindset shift, embracing clean living and effective decluttering, while providing practical career advancement tips, resilience strategies, and techniques for achieving work-life harmony and personal fulfilment, tailor-made for you.

A fresh approach emphasising mental clarity and focus, enhancing communication and leadership skills in healthcare, alongside personal growth strategies like goal setting and brain-based tools, ensuring you emerge rejuvenated and empowered.

WATER focuses on building resilience, mastering self-care, enhancing emotional intelligence, and learning effective stress management, all while fostering personal and professional growth through peer support and achieving balance in your life.


Dr Vicky Prokopiou will be unveiling her secrets to creating, growing, and sustaining success in the business of healthcare. Are you ready?

Empower Yourself With

Leadership Skills Enhancement​ Work-Life Balance Mastery Professional Growth and Career Direction​ Business + Personal Empowerment​ Actionable Insights Into Your Future Networking Opportunities​

What Will You Be Saying?

Incredible Changes

"I've been a part of Vicky's course for the last 6 weeks or so and it has already helped me make some incredible changes in my work and personal life! If you feel you could use some clarity or a boost in any aspect of life, I honestly believe it's worth booking in a chat with Vicky to see if she can help! ❤️"​

Dr Lora

Thriving New Graduate​

“My journey began as a new graduate who was just starting to find her feet in the jungle of dentistry. Having the Leading Dental Woman coaching and mentoring behind me gave me the confidence to tackle the changes and challenges that dentistry threw at me. I started with fear and a lack of self-confidence, which has now grown into a desire to tackle challenges both personally and professionally. I feel motivated and have clear milestones which I am well on my way to hitting, with new attitudes and tools under my belt. I am happier, focused, and excited for what’s to come next.”​

Dr Sarah

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