Elevate With Jamee White

by Dr. Vicky Prokopiou

In our inaugural episode of ELEVATE, Dr Vicky Prokopiou BDent BPharm (Syd) dives deep into the world of finance with the incredibly knowledgeable Jamee White, a seasoned CPA and Credit Analyst.

Alongside co-founder Daniel Lagden, Jamee has carved a niche in analysing business financials to secure home loans, and business loans and get you loan healthy, transforming dreams into reality.

With nearly a decade of experience, Jamee brings a wealth of knowledge on innovative lending solutions, guiding clients towards business expansion and future wealth.

Her expertise doesn’t stop at securing loans; Jamee is a maestro in navigating the complexities of business and personal budget management, tax advantages, and the implications they hold for her clients.

Today, Jamee will shed light on:

    • The unmatched benefits of choosing a mortgage or finance broker over a direct bank deal.
    • The A to Z on assisting first-time buyers from initial consultations to snagging pre-approval.
    • Decoding the mysteries between ‘electronic’ and ‘fully-assessed’ pre-approvals and their significance.
    • Inside tips on determining borrowing capacity and the pivotal factors influencing it.
    • How to turn your living expenses and credit history from loan application foes to allies.
    • Strategies for boosting your deposit and the impact of your employment type and stability on your loan application, with special insights for the self-employed.

Plus, Jamee shares her top three takeaways from The Urban Developer’s 2024 Property Economic Outlook for savvy investors.

When Jamee isn’t demystifying finances, she finds joy with her dogs, Archer and Frankie, on the golf course, or staying active with regular gym sessions.

Join us on ELEVATE as we embark on a journey to financial empowerment with Jamee White, and discover how to turn financial knowledge into power.

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