Dental Dialogue

Elevate Your Dental Practice Through Masterful Communication

Are you ready to transform your dental practice? The Dental Dialogue Course is here to revolutionise the way dental professionals and their teams communicate with patients. It’s not just about enhancing your professional interactions; the skills you learn here will positively impact all your relationships. At Above It, we believe in a holistic approach to work-life balance, and this course is a testament to that ethos.

Our Dental Dialogue Course offers a rich curriculum designed to address every aspect of communication within the dental setting. From the fundamentals of effective dialogue to advanced techniques in patient management, this course has it all.

What You’ll Learn

  1. The Essence of Communication: Uncover the key principles of effective communication specific to dental practices. Learn how to engage in clear, empathetic, and patient-centred dialogues.

  2. Mastering Patient Visits in 10 Steps: Get equipped with a step-by-step guide to enhance every patient visit, ensuring a positive and reassuring experience from start to finish.

  3. Establishing Clarity and Trust: Discover strategies to build trust and clarity with your patients, forming the foundation for successful treatments and fostering lasting relationships.

  4. Is Distance Important?: Understand the role of physical and emotional proximity in patient interactions and master the art of using space to your advantage.

  5. The Art of Clarification and Expectation Management: Learn to effectively manage patient expectations and clarify their concerns, key to patient satisfaction and reduced misunderstandings.

  6. Active Listening: Delve into active listening techniques to better understand and respond to patient needs and concerns.

  7. Rapport: Develop the ability to build strong rapport with patients, creating a comfortable and trusting practice environment.

  8. Learning Styles and Communication Styles: Tailor your communication to suit different patient learning and communication styles for enhanced understanding and cooperation.

  9. DISC Personality Profiling: Utilise the DISC personality framework to improve your interactions with both patients and colleagues.

  10. The 7 Steps to Mastering Ethical Engagement: Engage patients ethically, ensuring all interactions are conducted with the utmost integrity and respect.

  11. Handling Patient Questions and Objections: Equip yourself with strategies to effectively address and turn patient questions and objections into educational opportunities.

  12. The Delicate Art of Feedback: Cultivate the skill of giving and receiving feedback constructively, crucial for your personal and professional development.

  13. Above It Below It: Explore various perspectives in patient communication, understanding both explicit and implicit factors in interactions.

  14. The End Is Just The Beginning: Embrace the philosophy of continuous learning and adaptation in your professional practice.

This is the perfect course for Practice Owners, Dental Practitioners and their Teams.

Course Benefits

By completing the Dental Dialogue Course, you will gain:

  • Improved Patient Relationships: Foster deeper connections and trust with your patients.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Learn to communicate more effectively, both within your team and with your patients.
  • Increased Practice Efficiency: Streamline patient management and enhance overall practice productivity.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Develop skills that transcend the professional environment, contributing to your overall personal development.

What You Get

  • Lifetime access to the Dental Dialogue vault with 14 modules. 
  • Over 6 hours of content
  • 6 CPD
  • Use this course to train yourself and lead your teams.
  • Get more patients on board with your treatment plans.
  • Neuroscience techniques for enhanced communication at work, at home and improved relationships.



Invest in yourself. Invest in your practice. Elevate your dental dialogue.

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