Hi I'm Dr Vicky Prokopiou.

Are you seeking to live with purpose, ignite a passion for your career and life, and cultivate health both inside and out, all while embracing your unique talents and finding direction in your career and life? As your dedicated coach, I am here to guide you in achieving your goals and dreams, finding fulfilment, and making time for fun and enjoyment, even as you drive towards greater profitability in your dental career.

In the demanding field of dentistry, where leadership can often feel overwhelming and isolating, it is crucial to recognise the importance of personal development for achieving success and gaining clarity on your future path. With the right tools and support, you can effectively navigate these challenges, find a balance between professional achievement and personal fulfilment, and reach both your career aspirations and life goals. My mission is to empower you in harnessing your full potential, helping you to clearly define and follow your desired direction.

The LEADING DENTAL WOMAN Method, thoughtfully developed by me, is designed to boost your cognitive abilities, enhance your leadership skills, sharpen your focus, and optimise your communication. By addressing the challenges of stress, burnout, energy, lack of time, overwhelm, and isolation, this uniquely tailored approach for women just like you ensures a harmonious balance. It enables you to pursue your dreams while making space for fun, increased profitability, and deep fulfilment, all while guiding you towards finding the right direction in your career and life.

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Let’s start a conversation and unlock the extraordinary potential within you. Together, we can embark on a journey towards a more empowered, balanced, and successful life, filled with purpose, passion, and holistic health, as you confidently navigate your path forward.

Vicky x

In 90 days, you'll see the amazing transformation that happens when you break free from limiting beliefs and tap into your full potential. This journey is so much more than about career success; it's about gaining clear direction in both your professional and personal life, and uncovering deep insights into what you truly value.

You'll learn how to tackle the stress of life's challenges, from career obstacles to relationship strains, by making self-care a priority and aligning with your core values. This process will bring about profound insights, nurturing a sense of confidence, reassurance, and strength that shines through in all you do.

Expect to strike a beautiful balance between work and life, crucial for your overall well-being. You're not just gaining clarity and empowerment but also embracing holistic wellness, key to thriving in both your career and personal life. This transformation will help you navigate through the stresses, burnout, and the demanding nature of our profession, all while staying true to your core values.

By investing in yourself and your future through this programme, you're taking an essential step towards authentic leadership. It's not only about excelling in your career but also confidently guiding your personal life towards joy and fulfilment, rooted in a deep understanding of your personal values.

Let’s kickstart this incredible journey together, turning your dreams into reality and unlocking the formidable power within you, all guided by your values and what makes you uniquely you!


You're not alone

In Dentistry, some days can push you to your limits. And you can feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of overwhelm, handcuffed to your job.

Above it will help you see and activate the solutions that you need. Look within and be armed with the tools that you need to rise above the challenges and stress of dentistry and business ownership.

You’re here because you recognise that you are missing a big part of yourself and you want a proven strategy to get there. You might feel lost for solutions on balancing your life or finding ways to master dentistry.

You’re not alone, as I too have been where you are now. I am here to help guide you through this exciting time where you can make the changes you need for a more fulfilled career in dentistry.

Break yourself free from your work-life cycle and come on this journey of self-realisation and empowerment. Take it in your own time and learn to live your vision of a more fulfilled life and dental career. All while making more time for yourself and nourishing your mental, physical and spiritual health.

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It’s time to invest in YOUrself

Reconnect with yourself, utilise your strengths and have more time to do the things that you love. Dr. Vicky understands what it is like to be a mum and a career woman in Dentistry. Priorities shift, energy levels can slump, passion for dentistry can fade and you may find yourself in search of yourself.

Hi, I'm Dr Vicky

I'm a dentist and a pharmacist with a wealth of experience in healthcare, communicaton and customer service. Communication, optimal customer care and patient experience come naturally to me.

Since graduating from Dentistry in 2010 I have owned and operated metro and rural dental practices, all of them being Accredited. I have had experience working for large and small businesses, under various employers, and have started three successful practices from scratch.

My last business thrived through 5 years of drought in a town six and a half hours drive from Sydney with 3000 residents. During that time, I married, underwent IVF and conceived my three gorgeous children.

I currently run a successful boutique dental practice, iDental Surgery in Newtown, with an amazing growing team. We follow our customised “Above It” Online Training Course and have found this learning platform to be a game-changer for smooth practice operations.

I firmly believe that growth can only happen when you are self-aware and have a positive forward-thinking mindset. Keep ahead of your colleagues and see how our courses can help you and your practice rise to new levels.

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