Before Your Strategy Call With Dr Vicky

I empower boss ladies in dentistry to unlock the secret to a balanced and fulfilling career and personal life using my powerful Leading Dental Woman Strategy.

Let's get crystal clear about what it is you need right now and plan your pathway to unlocking career freedom, breathing balance in all facets of your life and maximising your potential and quality of life!

Watch the video so that you know what to expect on your call.

What is Leading Dental Woman?

Can I get CPD points?

YES! You’re working on your professional and personal development and this course is neuroscience-based!

How Many Points Do I Get?

Upon completion, LEADING DENTAL WOMAN will get you 25 scientific CPD points.

You will get a certificate at the end of your course completion.

Case Studies

My journey began as a new graduate who was just starting to find her feet in the jungle of dentistry.
Having the Leading Dental Woman coaching and mentoring behind me gave me the confidence to tackle the changes and challenges that dentistry threw at me.
I started with fear and a lack of self-confidence, which has now grown into a desire to tackle challenges both personally and professionally.
I feel motivated and have clear milestones which I am well on my way to hitting, with new attitudes and tools under my belt.
I am happier, focused, and excited for what’s to come next.”- Dr Sarah
Yellow Element

It's time to get motivated and elevated

Reconnect with yourself, utilise your strengths and have more time to do the things that you love. Dr Vicky understands what it is like to be a mum and a boss lady in Dentistry. Priorities shift, energy levels can slump, passion for dentistry can fade and there comes a time where you find yourself in search of something else, your purpose.

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