What Is Leading Dental Woman?

Be a Leading Dental Woman.

It's time to discover what it takes to unlock your true potential and be the empowered woman who's ready to shine!

As a Leading Dental Woman, you have the power to redefine your limits and surpass your own expectations. You'll embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and your determination will propel you towards success in everything that you put your energy towards.

By investing in your own growth and development, you'll acquire the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to excel in your life, relationships, career and beyond.

You'll cultivate resilience, embrace change, and nurture yourself by connecting your brain, body and being. As you rise, you'll be inspired to keep soaring to new heights.

The Leading Dental Woman journey is your invitation to step into your greatness, embrace your unique talents, and live with ultimate freedom.

Your possibilities are limitless, and the time to transform your life is NOW!

Leading Dental Woman Strategy Details

Embark on an empowering 90 Day journey designed exclusively for women in dentistry. The “Leading Dental Woman” strategy, structured around 8 transformative pillars, is your gateway to personal and professional excellence.

What You Get

  • Personalised Coaching & Support: Throughout your journey, benefit from weekly LIVE Lead With Confidence Masterclasses. You also get a 1-hour personalised coaching session to support your vision and hold you accountable.
  • Be a Part of An Empowering Community: Join our online community of like-minded female dental professionals on a similar path of growth and empowerment.
  • 90 Days of connection with Dr Vicky and other women in dentistry.
  • An extra BONUS month of support. Total 4 months of connection and access to our private facebook community.
  • Lifetime access to the Leading Dental Woman vault.
  • Neuroscience techniques for enhanced communication and improved relationships.
  • Career guidance.
  • Mental, physical and spiritual health maintenance.
  • Exploration of your strengths and talents.
  • Guidance on the Business of Dentistry.
  • PLUS, Dental Dialogue Course Access for FREE



Dive deep into a transformative experience tailor-made for the modern dental woman. Our course is not just about professional development, but also a journey of personal growth and wellness.


Exclusive private Leading Dental Woman group Access with discussions about business and life.

LIVE Lead With Confidence Masterclasses: Weekly interactive sessions to boost your leadership skills, confidence and self-value.


Dental Goddess Workbook & Private Coaching: Tailored materials and one-on-one coaching for a personalised growth experience.


Leading Dental Woman Daily Beliefs & Universal Law: Adopt powerful daily affirmations and understand universal laws for success.


Vision Board & Mindfulness Practices: Create a vision board and engage in meditation for focused mindfulness.

Step into the refreshing space of “Me-Tox,” a transformative module designed to cleanse both body and mind, setting the stage for a brighter, more energised you.


Clean Living & Self Perception: Learn habits for a healthier lifestyle and elevate your self-belief.


Spring Clean Your Soul & H.O.P.E. Strategy: Banish guilt and embrace balance, focusing on holistic well-being.


The Mental Diet & Dream Big! Enhance mental clarity and set ambitious goals with practical strategies.

Journey within to the core of your essence with “Inner Harmony”, a profound exploration designed to unveil your true self and align it with your professional and personal aspirations.


Law of Action & Attraction: Master these laws to create a fulfilling personal and professional life.


Your Story & Pillars of Life Balance: Explore your personal journey and achieve life balance with gratitude practices, focus and self-love.

Dive into “Feminine Flow”, a specially curated module that intertwines the grace, resilience, and strength of femininity with the unique challenges and rewards of the dental profession.


Personality, Talent Profiling & Strengths Assessments: Understand your personality, how others may trigger you and identify your talents for personal and professional success.


From Fear to Freedom & Daily Ritual Mastery: Overcome your fears and master the art of change with elegant habits.

Embrace the empowering realm of “Resilient Boundaries,” a module designed to reinforce your emotional fortitude while cultivating robust barriers that safeguard your well-being and aspirations.


Distraction Detox & Empowering Beliefs: Establish strong boundaries and cultivate a mindset for success.


Emotional Resilience in Dentistry: Learn techniques to manage emotions, handle setbacks, and thrive in your dental career.

Self-care Secrets

Effervesce into the transformative world of “Self-care Secrets”, a module curated to unveil the art and science of genuine self-love and self-awareness.


Self-Worth & Spiritual Connection: Discover self-love practices and connect spiritually to enhance your well-being.


Your Three Brains & Mental Contrasting: Explore different aspects of intelligence and set the tone for your success.

Enter into the realm of “Destiny Design,” a module meticulously crafted to guide you in forging your future with intention, clarity, and mastery.


Success Mastery & SMART Goals: Craft brain-friendly goals that are in line with your values and design a clear pathway to success.


Rapport Building & Self-Reflection: Develop strong connections and reflect on your achievements to chart your path forward in all aspects of your life and career.

A little extra sprinkle of magic dust to get you to your destination.


SCARF® Assessment & Social Motivation: Unlock the power of social motivation and improve patient relations.


Imposter Syndrome & Mastering Patient Visits: Overcome imposter syndrome and enhance every aspect of patient interaction.

Believe. Persist. Thrive. Love. Repeat.

In 90 dynamic days...

Embrace a transformative journey with the Leading Dental Woman strategy.
You'll redefine your professional and personal life. Discover your true potential, enhance leadership skills, and foster resilience. Engage in self-care and mindfulness, building a stronger, more confident you. This course promises to elevate your career in dentistry while nurturing your personal growth, empowering you to balance life's demands with grace and strength. Join us and step into a future of fulfilment and success.

Our exclusive, transformational coaching programme, "Leading Dental Woman," is intricately crafted for the empowered woman in dentistry. Grab this unparalleled opportunity to acquire strategic insights and resources, streamlining your path to vivid personal growth, confidence, self-belief, and the realisation of your dream lifestyle.

Harness the power of our neuroscience-informed coaching techniques, arming you with the aptitude and acumen required to flourish in both personal and professional arenas. The perfect blend of spirituality and science awaits you.

Transform your career, enhance your personal life, and be your best self both personally and in the business of dentistry. Dare to Lead NOW and align yourself with like-minded women. Your moment is here: take the reins and lead with unwavering confidence.

Rest assured, we stand by you, guiding and supporting each stride you take.

Register your interest now by booking a FREE discovery call to begin your transformational journey!

Yellow Element

It's time to get motivated and elevated

Reconnect with yourself, utilise your strengths and have more time to do the things that you love. Dr Vicky understands what it is like to be a mum and a career woman in Dentistry. Priorities shift, energy levels can slump, passion for dentistry can fade and there comes a time where you find yourself in search of true yourself.

You're not alone

In the world of Dentistry, there are moments that can leave you questioning your purpose and feeling overwhelmed by stress and pressure. Let me assure you, there is a way to rise above these challenges and find the solutions you've been searching for.

Within you lies the power to activate change and transform your experience in Dentistry and to transform your life. It's time to look inward and equip yourself with the tools and strategies needed to conquer the challenges that come your way.

You're here because you've recognised that there's a missing piece within yourself.

Perhaps you're seeking guidance on finding balance in your life or mastering making big decisions. Know that you're not alone. I've walked the same path you're on right now, and I'm here to support you through this transformative journey towards a more fulfilling life and career.

It's time to break free from the cycle of work and reclaim your life. Join me on this exhilarating journey of self-realisation and empowerment.
Take your time, embrace the process, and learn to live out your vision, your goals and your dreams.

Believe in yourself, for the power to create a remarkable future lies within you. Together, let's unleash your true potential and embark on a journey that will forever change you. The time is now to step into your greatness and live a life that aligns with your deepest aspirations.

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