What to expect

Be ready to release your negative energy and clear your mind with sound and meditation.

You don’t have to be at all musically inclined.

Learn a new set of life skills that will help you release your stress and take you on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This is short course that is designed to be accessed regularly for your benefit.

Includes a crystal singing bowl set and lifetime access to your meditation and mindset activities.

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Our Mindfulness, Sound Healing & Meditation Course includes the following learning modules.


  • Mindfulness for you
  • Morning mindfulness routine
  • Bed time Mindfuness routine


  • Meditation exercises
  • How to make your meditation routine

Sound healing meditation

  • What is sound healing?
  • All about sound baths
  • How to use your sound bowl
  • How to use wind chimes

How We Can Help

Let’s breathe balance back into your life by working together so that you can avoid burnout in your dental career.
Discover the power within yourself to nurture your soul and your career.

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You'll be taken on a personal journey of self-discovery.

It involves short activities and gives you the tools to breathe above your stress and improve the imbalances in your life. 

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Investing in yourself is the key to having a balanced career and life outside of work.
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