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Join us for the November Spring retreat in Byron Bay, led by Dr Vicky Prokopiou and her team. This escape is centred on the ‘In Your Element™’ program, designed to rejuvenate and refocus your inner strength and energy. Nestled in luxurious accommodations surrounded by nature, it’s the perfect setting to engage in revitalising practices, workshops, new healthy rituals and find your balance. 

About The Location

Located in the iconic coastal town of Byron Bay, known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant community. The resort is situated in a unique setting where the forest meets the sea, offering a serene and natural environment. It’s a place where luxury and natural beauty converge, providing a tranquil escape for guests.

The location is ideal for those seeking relaxation, as well as for those wanting to explore the rich culture and natural wonders of Byron Bay.

Above Is An Actual Location Photo Taken By Dr Vicky

What To Expect

At the “IN YOUR ELEMENT™” retreat in Byron Bay, you’ll experience a unique connection with the elements – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water – through various interactive masterclass sessions. This includes tailored practices in yoga, breathing and life-changing workshops to strengthen your mind, your body, your vision, and your career or business.

This is a retreat where you’ll have plenty of time to yourself and opporunities to mingle with other health professionals.

Most importantly, this is your escape and the workshop program gives you time to breathe and enjoy your escape.

Activities Accessed Within The Escape

More Activities You can Do

(Additional Costs Apply)

Lead Coach at Above It®, Dentist & Investor

Background and Qualifications: Dr Vicky is not only a certified Brain-Based Coach (NLI) and Wealthy Woman Coach (REW), but also holds dual qualifications as a dentist and a pharmacist. This diverse educational background has given her a deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges with real experience in the healthcare industry. 

Professional Experience: Since graduating from Dentistry in 2010, Dr Vicky has owned and operated both metropolitan and rural dental practices. She successfully launched three practices from scratch, demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability. This was paralleled by significant personal milestones, highlighting her ability to balance intense professional demands with a fulfilling personal life.
Current Role: Dr Vicky is the CEO of Above It® & Aliki Skin + Care® and leads the successful boutique dental practice iDental Surgery® in Newtown. Her innovative approach to practice startups and management, particularly through the “Above It” Online Training Courses, showcases her confidence in the transformative power of continuous learning and self-improvement.
Philosophy and Approach: Dr Vicky’s philosophy centres on the conviction that personal growth is crucial for professional success. She advocates for a proactive, forward-thinking mindset, emphasising self-awareness and dedication as key to navigating the complexities of the healthcare field.
Recognition and Contributions: Her efforts and innovations have been recognised in various platforms like Bite Magazine and 9 News, and she has been a finalist at the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards 2023. Additionally, she holds positions on two committees of the Australian Dental Association (ADA NSW), contributing to education and innovation.

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