IN YOUR ELEMENT ™ Program For Dentists

Empowering Health Professionals To Scale How They Practice, Enjoy Career Success And Get The Lifestyle They Want.

Personalised Success Plan GUARANTEE. 

Have a Life Where Business and Your Wellness Walk Hand In Hand.

  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Masterclasses (1-Hour Each): Led by Dr Vicky Prokopiou and select partners, these sessions are structured to deliver impactful insights and strategies tailored to enhance your personal and professional development.

  • Fortnightly Personal Coaching (4x 30-Minute Sessions): Gain direct access to Dr Vicky for personalised guidance. These focused sessions are your pathway to addressing specific challenges and fast-tracking your success.

  • Exclusive Access to ‘In Your Element™’ Private Community: Become part of an exclusive Facebook group where health professionals connect, share, and grow together, fostering a supportive network.

  • Lifetime Access to ‘In Your Element™’ Course Materials: Your enrolment secures unlimited access to our comprehensive digital resources, ensuring you have the knowledge you need, whenever you need it.

  • ‘In Your Element™’ e-Workbook: This essential tool is designed to complement your learning journey, filled with exercises and strategies to apply your knowledge effectively.

  • Easy Mobile Access: Stay engaged and connected through any mobile device, ensuring your learning journey progresses no matter where you are.

  • Networking Opportunities with Health Professionals: Expand your professional network within the program and the broader Above It® family, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Exclusive Bonus Access:

  • Introduction To Brand Creation and Elevation: From creating a unique online presence to maintaining consistency across all platforms and enhancing your patient experience to build rapport and loyalty.

  • Dialogue Mastery: Improve patient communication with a focus on empathy, establishing trust, and effectively managing feedback, enhancing your rapport and understanding with patients and beyond.

  • 4 x Additional Weekly Group Masterclasses: Extend your learning with FOUR MORE LIVE masterclasses, designed to deepen your understanding and mastery of the course content.
  • 1 x 1-Hour BONUS Personal Coaching Session: with Dr Vicky Prokopiou.
  • Free ‘Master Your Meals’ 12-week Guide: Receive our curated guide to healthy eating, supporting a balanced lifestyle that complements your professional aspirations.



The FIRE element ignites a transformative journey focusing on leadership, passion, and self-discovery to foster an empowered career and life. It offers strategies to manage stress and anxiety, enabling you to face fears and transform them into growth opportunities.

This segment encourages deep explorations of passions and purpose, equipping you with tools to combat imposter syndrome and step into your power with confidence. It emphasizes the importance of understanding elements within your influence, navigating challenges with conviction, and achieving a balanced work-life dynamic.

FIRE is about setting the stage for a rejuvenating journey ahead, leading to an enriched identity beyond professional roles.



 The EARTH session promotes a mindset elevation through ‘Above It’ thinking, integrating spirituality with practical decluttering for inner and external peace. It focuses on clean living, grounding techniques, and personal storytelling for impactful control over life’s challenges.


This part of the program blends branding and marketing pillars to create a standout presence, enhancing confidence, setting professional boundaries, and innovating patient communication for a well-rounded approach to career and personal fulfillment. 


EARTH is designed to nourish your physical and mental health while empowering you to uncover opportunities and navigate healthcare pressures with resilience.


AIR unveils the essence of mental clarity, focus, and effective communication through breathing, space creation, and mindful meditation. It emphasises mastering nutrition and introducing a ‘Mental Diet’ for a nourished mind, enhancing patient interaction and professional relationships. 


The session encourages motivation and goal setting, offering brain-based leadership tools to uplift your healthcare role. 


AIR is about mastering essential skills for continuous growth, leaving you rejuvenated and focused, ready to soar in your career and personal life with a fresh perspective and renewed sense of purpose.


WATER immerses you in the essence of being ‘In Your Element,’ focusing on identifying distractions and fostering resilience to manage high-stress situations with emotional regulation. It introduces ‘Design Your Destiny’ for future visioning and emphasises self-care in the healthcare environment. 
The session covers emotional intelligence strategies, stress management techniques, and the importance of personal branding and peer support. 
WATER guides you to live in flow, optimising peak performance and maintaining life harmony, encouraging you to thrive in every aspect of your life and career with a sense of freedom and adventure.
Enhanced Work-Life Harmony: Secure more time away from professional demands to invest in yourself, your family, and your friends. Discover the fulfilment, joy and fun missing in your current routine, achieving a harmony that revitalises your energy and enhances your quality of life.
Refined Purpose and Clarity: Forge a clearer sense of direction and a greater purpose in both your personal and professional life. This newfound focus will fuel your passion, guide your decisions, and inspire actions that align with your core values and aspirations.
Peak Performance and Decision-Making: Elevate your performance to its peak level. With enhanced decision-making capabilities, you'll navigate challenges more effectively and take on opportunities more confidently, ensuring every choice propels you closer to your dreams.
Empowered Self-Belief and Achievement: Strengthen your self-belief and turn your goals into reality. By breaking free from exhausting routines, limiting beliefs and embracing your true potential, you'll live a life that's not only imagined but actively pursued and realised.
Comprehensive Leadership Growth: Cultivate superior leadership and communication skills while gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Step into a life of happiness, fulfilment, and continuous growth, leaving you more content, connected, and capable than ever before.

See It For Yourself

Incredible Changes​

"I've been a part of Vicky's course for the last 6 weeks or so and it has already helped me make some incredible changes in my work and personal life! If you feel you could use some clarity or a boost in any aspect of life, I honestly believe it's worth booking in a chat with Vicky to see if she can help! ❤️"

Dr Lora

Empowered Transformation

"Working with you, Vicky, has been transformative beyond words, providing me with a mentor and a safe space to challenge my limiting beliefs and overcome my fears. Your guidance not only helped me face my anxieties as I returned to work after maternity leave but also empowered me with tools to recognize and celebrate my strengths. This journey has instilled in me a newfound confidence and the realization that, despite the challenges that may resurface, I possess the means to address them. More than anything, gaining a friend in you and knowing I have a non-judgmental support system has been invaluable. Thank you for helping me see my potential and for being a pivotal step in my ongoing journey of growth and self-discovery."

Dr Doreena

Thriving New Graduate

“My journey began as a new graduate who was just starting to find her feet in the jungle of dentistry. Having the Leading Dental Woman coaching and mentoring behind me gave me the confidence to tackle the changes and challenges that dentistry threw at me. I started with fear and a lack of self-confidence, which has now grown into a desire to tackle challenges both personally and professionally. I feel motivated and have clear milestones which I am well on my way to hitting, with new attitudes and tools under my belt. I am happier, focused, and excited for what’s to come next.”

Dr Sarah

Relationship-Building And Networking​

"My goals were to work on relationships and getting a group of like-minded dental practice owners together. I'd thought about it for a long time and was procrastinating because there was always something else to do...Having that person to help you be accountable and needing to not let down helps you achieve what you set out wanting to do."

Dr Lisa

Unlock Your Full Potential With This Ultimate Leadership, Growth, and Networking Opportunity.

Lead Coach at Above It®, Dentist & Investor

Background and Qualifications: Dr Vicky is not only a certified Brain-Based Coach (NLI) and Wealthy Woman Coach (REW), but also holds dual qualifications as a dentist and a pharmacist. This diverse educational background has given her a deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges with real experience in the healthcare industry.


Professional Experience: Since graduating from Dentistry in 2010, Dr Vicky has owned and operated both metropolitan and rural dental practices. She successfully launched three practices from scratch, demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability. This was paralleled by significant personal milestones, highlighting her ability to balance intense professional demands with a fulfilling personal life.
Current Role: Dr Vicky (Dentist & Lead Coach) is the CEO of Above It® & Aliki Skin + Care® and leads the successful boutique dental practice iDental Surgery® in Newtown. Her innovative approach to practice startups and management, particularly through the “Above It” Online Training Courses, showcases her confidence in the transformative power of continuous learning and self-improvement.
Philosophy and Approach: Dr Vicky’s philosophy centres on the conviction that personal growth is crucial for professional success. She advocates for a proactive, forward-thinking mindset, emphasising self-awareness and dedication as key to navigating the complexities of the healthcare field.
Dr Vicky believes in giving back and is a committee member in the ADA NSW (Australian Dental Association) Professional Support and Innovation (PSIC) and Education Committees.
Recognition and Contributions: Her efforts and innovations have been recognised in various platforms like Bite Magazine and 9 News, and she has been a finalist at the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards 2023. 

In 8 Weeks You Can Be More In Love
With Your Career And Your Lifestyle

Awaken to a Life of More Energy and Fulfilment

Imagine starting each day filled with energy, boundaries, excitement and healthy rituals. Picture a life where professional achievements and personal satisfaction beautifully merge, creating a deeply fulfilling existence. Rediscover the Joy in Your Work and Life and get out of Sunday-itis. Yes, you heard right. Look forward to work after the weekend!

During the IN YOUR ELEMENT™ 8-Week Program we recognise the tendency of health professionals to neglect their well-being. Our program is crafted to rekindle your passion – infusing fun into your daily life and allowing you time for self-care. This is more than sustaining a career; it’s about falling in love with your profession and your business again.

We SHOW YOU HOW IT'S POSSIBLE TO HAVE IT ALL – a thriving career, a joyful family life, health, financial security, and the freedom to live on your terms. Envision a life marked by growth, community, connection, and well-being, all customised to your unique needs and aspirations.

What Would Your Ideal Life Look Like? At Above It® we understand the importance of health to you, and we’re here to support you to prioritise all the elements in your world. This elite IN YOUR ELEMENT™ experience is your pathway to transformation. Over a powerful eight weeks, you'll learn how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and achieve a harmonious balance in both your personal and professional life.

Boost Your Productivity, Profits And Personal Fulfilment With Practical Strategies Tailored For Busy Health Professionals Like You

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Balance All The Elements In Your Life. See Above

All health professionals who are ready to get in their element at work and at home.

Within days of enrolling. You’ll find out on your call when you enrol.

No mandatory pre-study is required.  Watch the online course material and do your workbook activities. Also attend the weekly LIVE Masterclasses.

You’ll have your course workbook. Please write in this or in a journal as you will get the most out of writing.
Block out the online Workshop times in your calendar as it is vital you attend these.

You’ll be able to catch up on the replays in our exclusive private Facebook Group, IN YOUR ELEMENT™. You’ll be sent an invitation to join the group once you enrol in the program.

NOTE: You’ll only have access to this group while you’re in the 8-Week program.

Yes you receive a certificate and 14 CPD Points.

Are You Ready To Scale How You Practice, Enjoy Career Success And Get The Lifestyle You Want?