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Business, Self Wellness and Beyond.

Are you a driven dental clinician or practice owner feeling overwhelmed by everything in your ‘day-to-day’, knowing that financial abundance is within your reach but no-one 

EVER showed you how to get there?

Who Are You?
The Solopreneur

It’s just you…

And you’re wondering ‘How can I become more successful? Please tell me what to do?’

The Practice Owner

It’s you and your team… 

And you’re wondering ‘How can I finally stop working so hard? Please tell me what to do.’

Meet Sue and Vicky

When two dental experts (yes we’re real people) from different worlds join forces, the result is a game-changing collaboration that will awaken something deep within you to reignite an excitement for your work so that you can show up effortlessly every day and be rewarded generously with financial prosperity.

About Sue Rusalen

Sue is an advanced dental hygiene clinician, investor, dental practice manager and industry expert and co-founder of Zentistry

Sue helps dental practices engage their patients, inspire their clinicians and skyrocket their production and practice value with a strong hygiene centric growth strategy.

By harnessing the power of elevated patient care, zero cost marketing and optimised invoicing and item codes, Sue has developed a reputation for building 7 figure hygiene teams.

About Dr Vicky Prokopiou

Vicky is a dentist, an investor, life elevation brain-based coach, seasoned practice owner and co-founder of Zentistry.

As a visionary thought leader, she has transformed over 10,000 lives through her unique approach to health and wellness, establishing three successful start-up dental practices that integrate professional excellence with a balanced work-life philosophy. 

Known for her resilience and innovation, she coaches health professionals, guiding them towards personal and professional growth.

Our Philosophy

Combined, we have almost 60 years of experience in
dental practice ownership, management,
clinical expertise and business insights...Yes we really do!! And we truly want to help you!!
P.S. What we teach is not for everyone. If...you're committed, open-minded, deeply ethical and outcome driven, let's have a chat.

So, please give us your details. How else are we going to find you?
We won't harass you. We promise.
Let's just have a real conversation with you about you, your life, where you are now and where you want to go. We're here for you and we are the real deal!

Did you know that we also create, buy, 

acquire equity and scale dental practices?