by Dr. Vicky Prokopiou

If you've ever felt overwhelmed tired of stuck stressed frustrated lost unsure managing your practice and the thought of selling has crossed your mind, you're in the right space to regain control, confidence and grow your practice.


Transform Your Dental Practice Beyond Limits: Discover Unseen Growth with our Practice Success Blueprint.

We guarantee a return on your investment when we work together.

We make your Business and Life fun again by getting you
In Your Element™

Hi! We'd love to connect and see how we can help you.
Hi! We'd love to connect and see how we can help you.
Let's make sure we're a great fit. Health professionals aiming to enhance practice efficiency, professional growth, and work-life balance—this is for you.

Why Choose Us

We Support You To

Get To Know Your Business & Streamline Business Operations: Struggle with time-consuming processes and inefficiency? Let’s crunch the numbers and see where and how you could be performing better. Elevate your passion for patient care with streamlined operations that boost efficiency and free up your schedule. Let’s make your practice a model of operational excellence.

Elevate Your Team Dynamics: Facing challenges with team cohesion and productivity? Our coaching transforms your hiring and management strategies, turning your team into a united front that shares your vision and goals. Experience a workplace where every member contributes positively, driving your practice towards unprecedented success.

Unlock Growth Potential: Stuck in the planning phase with no clear path to growth? Our custom blueprint is the roadmap your dental practice needs, guiding you from strategy to action. Expand your services, grow your patient base, and see your profits soar. It’s time your practice reached its full potential.

Enhance Patient Loyalty: Want to transform patient satisfaction into unwavering loyalty? Elevate your practice with our proven strategies in patient communication, care, and connection. Create a patient experience so compelling that loyalty and referrals naturally follow, securing your practice’s reputation and success.

Achieve Work & Life Harmony: Balancing the demands of professional excellence and business ownership with personal life can seem impossible. Our tailored strategies ensure you excel at both without compromise. Discover the harmony between work and life you’ve been seeking, and enjoy success in every aspect.

Hi! We'd love to connect and see how we can help you.
Hi! We'd love to connect and see how we can help you.
Let's make sure we're a great fit. Health professionals aiming to enhance practice efficiency, professional growth, and work-life balance—this is for you.

Change only happens with consistency, perseverance, and commitment.

Our In Your Element™ Packages


For YOU.
Perfect for practitioners or practice owners ready to lay a strong foundation for success and elevate their life.

Duration: 3 Months

The PERSONAL Tier is designed for all practitioners or dental practice owners, offering a robust foundation to build upon.
Participants will receive comprehensive coaching e-materials, weekly group coaching sessions in our exclusive "In Your Element™" masterclass, and access to a supportive private Facebook group.
This tier promises to lay the groundwork for operational excellence and strategic growth, equipping owners with essential skills and knowledge to start their practice's transformation journey confidently.


Coaching e-Materials: Comprehensive “In Your Element ™️” digital resources tailored to the dental industry.
In Your Element™ mental mindset, physical & spiritual wellness program for you.

Weekly 1-hour Online Group Coaching Masterclass: Join fellow owners in our “In Your Element™” sessions to discover growth strategies and operational excellence.

Monthly 1:1 Personalised Online 1-Hour Coaching Sessions (3 in total) or Bi-weekly 30-Minute Coaching Sessions (6 in total)

Private Facebook Group Access: A community space for networking, peer support, and additional learning. Partners welcome to watch with you.

Special Offer: Attend our live events at a special rate to network, learn, and grow.


For YOU + Your TEAM.
Designed for practitioners and practice owners aiming for accelerated personal clinical growth, earning capacity and work-life harmony.

Duration: 3 Months

TEAM Tier is tailored for clinicians and practice owners poised for accelerated personal fitness and practical leadership skill development.

Alongside all the benefits of the PERSONAL Tier, TEAM participants enjoy monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions, offering personalised guidance to tackle unique challenges and see opportunities (More than 4 team members additional fee per member).

We introduce powerful personal growth strategies, ensuring clinicians/owners are well-equipped to lead their practice toward optimal team performance, increased profitability and optimal team culture.

Learn to maximise your schedule and elevate your communication style for optimal earnings.

You realise the game-changing effect of investing time and energy into yourself and your team so that you can have a more harmonious life, improved mental and physical fitness, and heightened productivity. This self-investment enables you to unlock your full potential, leading to not only personal fulfilment but also a positive impact on those around you and your professional achievements.

Find out your team's strengths and get your team on board with your vision and invested in your business success.

Discover how to master your schedule and work-life balance, giving you the freedom to engage in clinical work as much or as little as you prefer.


All EMERALD Tier Offerings, plus:

Lifetime access to on-demand In Your Element™ & Dental Dialogue programs.

Exclusive Discounts: Reduced rates for our live events, where you can bring 1 guest FREE.

Special Rate for Live Events: Experience transformative learning and networking opportunities with other health professionals.


For YOU + Your TEAM + Your PRACTICE.
Our premium package offers the most personalised analysis and comprehensive growth strategy for you and your practice.

Reporting, Analysis and Intro to Coaching.
Duration: 3 Weeks
Stage 2: Practice ACCELERATOR
Duration: Minimum 6 Months

The BUSINESS Tier represents the pinnacle of our coaching program, providing the most extensive diagnosis, reporting, consulting, support, branding consistency analysis, KPI analysis and tracking, training resources, and personalised growth plan and implementation over 6 months. For best results we recommend working with us for multiple 6 month periods.

Start with Stage 1: BLUEPRINT Reporting, Analysis, Strategy And Initial Coaching. We guarantee these will be the most eye-opening 3 weeks of your life as a practice owner. You’ll get intimate with your practice numbers and have a strategy to grow.

Stage 2 ACCELERATE is a 6 month program that includes all the advantages of the SAPPHIRE Tier, and involves a specially curated team of experts to identify opportunities for you, your team and your practice.

Let's get you and your team out of fight or flight mode.

By analysing your team's strengths and your business, we guide you towards peak performance and strategic daily planning, unlocking higher productivity.

Remember that in order to go forwards, sometimes you may feel like you're taking a step back. This is just a part of the journey, a momentary pause that propels you toward greater progress.

As a VIP, you'll receive a detailed evaluation of your practice performance, brand consistency analysis, focusing on operational efficiency and opportunity.

You'll receive equal attention to enhancing your mental, physical and spiritual wellness and mindset for success. Let's get you and your practice out of 'fight or flight mode'.

This dual approach not only boosts your operational efficiency and financial outcomes but also establishes a rock solid base. By refining your patient experience, service delivery and cultivating a unified team spirit, we pave the way for a robust framework of sustained success, enhancing overall profitability.


All TEAM Tier Offerings, plus:

Expert analysis of your practice performance, reports, vision, culture, branding (website, socials).*

Implementation of your Blueprint and growth strategy.

A select team of our trusted coaches & consultants by your side.

Personalised coaching that unlocks your potential and maximises team performance, harnessing your unique skills for unparalleled success.
* For analysis of more than one practice, there is an add on fee.

Catalyst Add-Ons

Enhance your program with customisable Catalyst add-ons for targeted growth and resolution of specific challenges:

    • Monthly Mentorship for Practitioners In Your Practice
    • Team Member Coaching
    • Special Rates for Business/Life Partners and Multi-Practice Owners
    • Onsite Intensive Training where We Come To You for 2 days of culture elevation, leadership training, communication and vision implementation for you and your team.
    • Continued monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly renewal.

See For Yourself

" has already helped me make some incredible changes in my work and personal life" -Dr Lora
Build, grow and scale a thriving dental practice without sacrificing your work-life harmony.
Ready to Elevate Your Practice?
Join our community of successful dental practice owners. Choose the tier that best fits your vision for growth and get ready to transform your practice with our expert-led coaching programs.

Join today and take the first step towards a more profitable and fulfilling future in dentistry.
Hi! We'd love to connect and see how we can help you.
Hi! We'd love to connect and see how we can help you.
Let's make sure we're a great fit. Health professionals aiming to enhance practice efficiency, professional growth, and work-life balance—this is for you.