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Welcome to Above It, where we blend expertise in business excellence, team dynamics, and work-life integration under the guidance of Dr Vicky Prokopiou (Dentist) BDent. BPharm. (Syd). With her rich background in dentistry and pharmacy, and over 13 years of practice ownership, Dr Prokopiou brings a unique perspective to practice ownership and business.

Our mission is to deliver bespoke coaching and consulting solutions that not only propel your business to new heights but also enhance your personal life, fostering a harmony of success and well-being. That’s what we call being “In Your Element™”.

At Above It, we push the envelope by honing in on essential pillars of business vitality, leadership prowess, team synergy, and balanced living. We empower practice owners to lead with confidence, cultivate a thriving team culture, and enjoy life beyond the office.

We Support You To Get In Your Element™

Personal Coaching + Business Consulting

Elevate Together: Coaching for Teams

Our customised solutions empower you to lead your practice according to your vision, creating an environment where you and your team can achieve their fullest potential

Dr Vicky is a dynamic thought leader who empowers women to integrate their unique strengths into their work, life and leadership communication. She utilises her exceptional emotional intelligence and a stylish approach in every interaction, ensuring that her engagements are not only effective but also memorable. Dr Vicky collaborates closely with her colleagues and clients to deeply understand their individual communication styles. Once she identifies what makes each person distinctive, she guides them to develop a voice and presence that truly represent their personal and professional identities.


Practice Leadership & Team Synergy
Refine your leadership approach and team harmony with strategies designed for practice owners, improving patient care and clinic culture.

Innovative Business Strategies

Accelerate your practice’s growth with expert advice on enhancing patient experiences, operational effectiveness, and achieving long-term success.

Balancing Practice and Personal Life
Master the balance between your professional responsibilities and personal well-being, ensuring excellence in patient care and personal fulfilment.

Focused Practice Development
Receive tailored coaching/consulting that guides your journey from practitioner to practice leader, integrating personal goals with business strategy for holistic success.

Team Excellence in Healthcare
Build a high-functioning team with training that emphasises collaborative care, efficiency, and a positive workplace, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Get Above It

In over 2 decades as a healthcare professional, I realised I had a greater purpose. My journey from pharmacist, dentist, practice owner, mentor to coach/consultant has been fueled by a passion for empowering fellow health professionals.

My mission is to elevate your life, empowering you with the support and insights you need to excel professionally and personally, grounded in a profound understanding of essential business principles.

Over my clinical and business ownership years, I've come to understand that a practice is not just about being good at what you do; it's also a business, something we never learned about in our training. This means there's a big difference between knowing how to do your job well and knowing how to run a practice.

Understanding the multiple layers of business and how our brains work has shown me something amazing: knowing how our mind works helps us take care of our health and do better in our clinical roles. I found out that keeping these two things in balance is really important for a happy life and a profitable practice.

What I Can Do for You:

My aim is straightforward: to guide you in managing both your practice and personal life in ways that bring you true fulfilment and joy.

With a wealth of experience creating and growing three dental practices over a decade, I've lived and breathed the complexities of ownership in both rural and metropolitan settings. From implementing systems to cultivating, training and leading teams to mentoring dentists, I've encountered and overcome multiple challenges. And I want to help you with my skills, knowledge and experience!

Whether it's navigating the daunting workloads of startup phases, growing your practice, addressing the unique challenges of rural practice, or striking a balance between professional demands and family commitments, each obstacle has served as a lesson in adaptability and resilience.

Alongside my coaching certifications, these experiences have equipped me with invaluable insights and strategies to empower you to excel in your clinical proficiency, streamline your business operations, and attain your work-life equilibrium.

Unlock everything you need to elevate your life, revolutionise your practice, ensuring it operates seamlessly like clockwork, while reclaiming precious time for what truly matters to you.

Dr Vicky (Dentist + Lead Coach/Consultant)

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