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⚫Enhance your Leadership Skills With Communication Confidence.

⚫Achieve a Sustainable Work-Life Balance With Practical, Real-World Strategies That Work.

⚫Get Unstuck In Your Career And Know Your Next Moves. 

⚫Improve Both Your Professional Performance And Personal Wellness.

⚫Learn How To Work On Your Business And Not Just In It.

Unlock Your Full Potential With The Ultimate Leadership, Growth, and Networking Opportunity.

This experience is not just a learning opportunity but a catalyst for profound professional and personal transformation and connection.

Lead Coach at Above It®, Dentist & Investor

Background and Qualifications: Dr Vicky is not only a certified Brain-Based Coach (NLI) and Wealthy Woman Coach (REW), but also holds dual qualifications as a dentist and a pharmacist. This diverse educational background has given her a deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges with real experience in the healthcare industry. 

Professional Experience: Since graduating from Dentistry in 2010, Dr Vicky has owned and operated both metropolitan and rural dental practices. She successfully launched three practices from scratch, demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability. This was paralleled by significant personal milestones, highlighting her ability to balance intense professional demands with a fulfilling personal life.
Current Role: Dr Vicky is the CEO of Above It® & Aliki Skin + Care® and leads the successful boutique dental practice iDental Surgery® in Newtown. Her innovative approach to practice startups and management, particularly through the “Above It” Online Training Courses, showcases her confidence in the transformative power of continuous learning and self-improvement.
Philosophy and Approach: Dr Vicky’s philosophy centres on the conviction that personal growth is crucial for professional success. She advocates for a proactive, forward-thinking mindset, emphasising self-awareness and dedication as key to navigating the complexities of the healthcare field.
Recognition and Contributions: Her efforts and innovations have been recognised in various platforms like Bite Magazine and 9 News, and she has been a finalist at the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards 2023. Additionally, she holds positions on two committees of the Australian Dental Association (ADA NSW), contributing to education and innovation.


Leadership + Passion

FIRE will ignite your leadership, passion, and self-discovery journey, leading to an empowered and enriched career and life beyond work. We explore strategies to manage stress and anxiety, providing you with tools and insights to navigate these. Face your fears head-on and learn how to turn them into stepping stones for growth.

Engage in deep explorations of your passions and purpose, understanding your ‘why’ to drive your professional and personal endeavours. Redefine your identity beyond your professional role, discovering a multifaceted self that thrives in and out of the workplace.

Tackle imposter syndrome with effective strategies, transforming self-doubt into confidence and assertiveness. Step into your power with enhanced leadership skills, learning to lead with conviction and empathy in the healthcare environment.

The session also focuses on ways to assert control in your world, understand the elements within your influence and effectively navigate those beyond it.

FIRE sets the stage alight for the rejuvenating journey ahead.

Stability + Career Growth

In the EARTH session, elevate your mindset with ‘Above It’ thinking, empowering you to tackle challenges and uncover opportunities. Embrace clean living with scientifically-supported habits, boosting your physical and mental health. Learn grounding techniques for inner harmony and delve into your personal story, focusing on areas within your control for maximum impact.

This session blends spirituality with practical decluttering, creating peace both within and around you. Gain actionable career advancement tips and resilience strategies to navigate healthcare pressures. Achieve a balanced work-life dynamic that respects both your professional and personal spheres.

Boost your confidence and self-belief through practical exercises, and master setting professional boundaries to maintain a healthy work environment. We’ll also explore innovative patient communication strategies to strengthen your professional relationships. This session is designed to shape a well-rounded approach to your life and career, focusing on success and personal fulfilment.

Communication + Relationships

In the AIR session, discover the power of breathing, creating space, and mindful meditation, all crucial for mental clarity and focus. This part of the experience focuses on mastering nutrition for your physical well-being and introduces the ‘Mental Diet’ for a nourished mind. Learn how to maintain FOCUS and gain a fresh perspective through meditation techniques.

Enhance your communication skills, a key aspect for success in healthcare. Master the art of effective patient interaction and building strong professional relationships. This session also delves into stimulating discussions on motivation and goal setting, helping you stay inspired, reignite passion in your profession, and turn your aspirations into achievable plans.

Experience brain-based leadership tools to uplift your role in healthcare. The AIR session is designed to equip you with essential skills for continuous personal and professional growth, ensuring you leave rejuvenated, focused, and ready to soar in both your career and personal life.

Not only will you discover the essentials of mental clarity and focus, but you’ll also get used to feeling the breeze of fresh air on your face. This session is designed to leave you rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Flow In Your Element

Immerse yourself in the essence of being ‘In Your Element.’ The WATER Session helps you identify distractions and energy drainers, fostering resilience to rise above them. Focus on reaching your best self and achieving peak performance through optimisation techniques and the Wheel of Life Balance, a tool for keeping equilibrium in all life aspects.

Experience an introduction to Emotional Regulation, a key skill in managing responses and reactions in high-stress situations. Engage in ‘Design Your Destiny’, a powerful 12-month vision exercise that sets the course for your future.

Delve into the art of self-care, an essential practice in today’s fast-paced, high-stress healthcare environment. Learn effective emotional intelligence strategies to navigate the pressure and overwhelm. This session offers practical stress management techniques, equipping you to cope with your day-to-day challenges while maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Enhance your business skills through personal development, crucial for career advancement. The session also highlights the importance of life experiences and peer support, creating a space for sharing challenges and triumphs in both professional and personal realms. Living in flow encapsulates this journey, guiding you to find your rhythm and thrive in every aspect of your life. Be In Your Element.

See It For Yourself

Incredible Changes

"I've been a part of Vicky's course for the last 6 weeks or so and it has already helped me make some incredible changes in my work and personal life! If you feel you could use some clarity or a boost in any aspect of life, I honestly believe it's worth booking in a chat with Vicky to see if she can help! ❤️"

Dr Lora

Thriving New Graduate

“My journey began as a new graduate who was just starting to find her feet in the jungle of dentistry. Having the Leading Dental Woman coaching and mentoring behind me gave me the confidence to tackle the changes and challenges that dentistry threw at me. I started with fear and a lack of self-confidence, which has now grown into a desire to tackle challenges both personally and professionally. I feel motivated and have clear milestones which I am well on my way to hitting, with new attitudes and tools under my belt. I am happier, focused, and excited for what’s to come next.”

Dr Sarah

Relationship-Building And Networking

"My goals were to work on relationships and getting a group of like-minded dental practice owners together. I'd thought about it for a long time and was procrastinating because there was always something else to do. Having Vicky pushing me and making goals and all of that, helped me achieve it...Having that person to help you be accountable and needing to not let down helps you achieve what you set out wanting to do."

Dr Lisa

Stay In Love With Your Career And Your Life

Are you a health professional looking to rekindle your passion for both your career and life? Imagine waking up each day filled with vibrant energy, eager to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Picture a life where the boundaries between personal satisfaction and professional achievement blur, giving you a sense of fulfilment that makes every moment worthwhile. At IN YOUR ELEMENT™ Experience, we understand that health professionals like you often take your health for granted, while tirelessly caring for others. Our program is designed to reignite that spark of joy in your work and life. It's about infusing fun into your daily routine, allowing guilt-free moments for yourself - whether it's an afternoon off, a spa day, or simply time to relax. This isn't just about staying in your career; it's about falling in love with it all over again. We believe in empowering you to take the spotlight, teaching you that you can indeed have it all and showing you exactly how. Envision a life where you balance a thriving career, a fulfilling family life, health, financial stability, and the freedom to live on your terms. Imagine growth, community, connection, and well-being, all tailored to your unique desires. What would this look like for you?
We know that health is important to you because you understand health. We'll help you care for yourself.
At the "In Your Element Experience", you'll discover how to transform these aspirations into reality. This one-day journey is your gateway to a life where challenges become stepping stones, balance is achievable, and each day is a joyful adventure in personal and professional harmony. Join us, and let's make this dream your everyday reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to master your craft and balance your life. Get ready for a thrilling and rewarding challenge. 
Read above this section for more details.

All health professionals who are ready to get in their element at work and at home.

All your meals for the day are included. All-day tea/coffee/water, morning + afternoon tea, lunch and networking canapes + drinks.
Please let us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies. Email

Everything you need will be provided.

  • Pens and pencils for note-taking
  • Meals and Snacks

Bring an extra notebook, if desired.

You’ll be writing. Don’t bother bringing your laptop or tablet as you learn best when you write. This is an interactive event and there will be group activities. We highly recommend that you write throughout the day. It’s scientifically proven that you absorb more information when writing.

Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good. Be you.

No mandatory pre-study is required.

Registration starts at 8:30 AM for a 9AM START. The experience is from 9 AM to 5:00PM plus complimentary canapes and drinks at Bar133 in the QT Hotel.

The IN YOUR ELEMENT™ Experience is held at QT Hotel, Melbourne. 
There is Valet parking onsite (fees apply). 
If you plan to stay at the QT, you get 15% off the current rate. Email for the 15% off booking code or see your emails with the experience details.

We recommend planning your departure for the morning after the event concludes to fully benefit from the day’s content and networking opportunities.

If for any reason you cannot attend, please let us know. We’ll ensure you’re booked for a future event. 

We’re excited to welcome you to this life-changing training. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at or at

Yes you receive a certificate and 7 CPD Points.

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