Surviving Lockdown Burnout

by Dr. Vicky Prokopiou

Burnout is a downward spiral of the imbalance between your energy levels, your health, your commitments, and your work. You risk exhaustion and the possibility of giving up on things you’ve so passionately fought to bring to life. Everyone reaches a limit as to how much they can push themselves. Your mental and physical fitness should be your priority. Especially during lockdown.

You need to be able to recognise when you start to feel burnt out so that you can keep winning in your personal life and career.


  1. Having no feeling of excitement in your day, but instead feeling sluggish. 
  2. Being so tired you just want to stay in bed in the morning.
  3. Your body aching or giving you signs of burnout by getting ill often. 
  4. Cluttered thoughts and inability to make simple decisions easily.
  5. Longing to have time to actually pause and do nothing or to spend quality time with your partner/friends/family. 
  6. Disliking work, disliking the weight of your commitments. 
  7. Inability to focus on doing your work due to tiredness and lack of motivation.
  8. Having a short fuse during conversations.
  9. Low motivation or excitement for your day.
  10. Negative mood with almost everything and everyone.


The best way to avoid burnout is to have balance in your life.  Strategies include

  • Changing your scenery during the day.
  • Sharing home chores and homeschooling responsibilities with your family if possible.
  • Having an uninterrupted scheduled 30-60 minutes daily to do what makes you happy.
  • Getting outside for exercise if you’re permitted.
  • Regular morning and bedtime routines. Sleep early.
  • Prepare meals from the night before.
  • Have a dedicated workspace so that you can switch off from work by moving to another part of the home.
  • Speak with friends/family on the phone and via video calls regularly.
  • Meditation or yoga.
  • Keep a positive outlook.
  • Have realistic expectations of tasks to complete daily.
  • Accept that some days will be less visibly productive than others, particularly with children at home.
Always remember that this is a transient time in our lives. Be adaptable and look into the future with positive vibes.
If you think that you are feeling more than burnout or need help, please seek help at Beyond Blue or arrange to see your general practitioner. Help is available.

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