The Power of a Positive Mindset

by Dr. Vicky Prokopiou

Projecting positivity is so hard to do, particularly during these difficult times when there is so much pain in the world.

A positive mindset, arms you with the ability to continue to find the things in your life that give you happiness so that you are focused on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past.

You don’t have to look very far to find gratitude for what you have and for those that you have around you. Your mindset of how you view things that surround you, when positive, aligns you with success.


Believe in yourself and that you deserve good things to come your way.

There is no one more deserving than you.

Be honest and look within yourself to find all the positives in your life.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Your beliefs and behaviour will attract others with a similar mindset to you.

Move on from any problems, negative individuals, or experiences. Once you move away from these mentally and physically, you can rise above them and move towards all the wonderful aspects of your life. All the things that you love and look forward to.

Learn to make decisions that are aligned with your beliefs. Doing this will ensure that you remain positive by having your thoughts and actions as one.



Whether it is in your personal life or career, the power of positivity is immeasurable. 

In life, thinking positively and not catastrophising surrounds you with positive people and positive experiences. Those around you will also shift their energy.

Positive attracts positive when it comes to mindset.

You’ll feel far less stressed, more confident and will look at new experiences as opportunities to grow and learn from.

You’ll have the energy to live your best life and keep striving for success in anything that you do. 


Now you too can change how you view everything around you.

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